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Important Questions
We know this but we also want to complete as soon as possible to get much enough time to practice as the time he is taking to upload a video is too much he can upload whole organic within 10 days but dont know why he is taking much time.. we are very serious about our studies and know the precious value of time..
Arnav Singh
2 years ago
Oh comeon dude...He is also a stydent ..He also needs to study..And what he is doing for us is more than enough for us than our so called teachers..... and Yes He is also serious about his studies..He hasn gone to IITBOMBAY FOR PICNIC... He also needs to do assingnments and all that.. And HE COMPLETELY KNOWS THE VALUE OF #TIME thatsy He is in IIT bombay..... He has already mentioned it at the feb end couse will be end up and Whatever he is doing for us there is noone who is doing this....WHO DAMN CARES??? So stop this nonsense..It will be far better for you to study and practice on your own and Kindly know your precious time !!!
Fubuki Shirou
2 years ago
he said that he will help us... but ne has not said that be completely dependent on him....he is making high quality videos and that takes his very good amount of time..and further the things he has done for us... not everybody does it and that too free of cost.. so plzz don't make such kind of comment..and plzz don't take my comment in wrong way..