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We discuss the plan to be executed for the chapter Alkadienes.

Sachin Rana is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IITB | 115/120 in Maths in JEE Main (2016) | Qualified NSEA (Astronomy Olympiad) | YouTuber with over 1,25,000 subscribers.

Unacademy user
Hello ayushi , can you please suggest me any good book for basic level exams of french
is solomon by ms chauhan a good book for organic chemistry??
sir how can I clear my doubts of organic
Ayush K
8 months ago
Ask here, he or someone will reply you or google!
Hello bhaiyya, actually had doubts in some questions! Can i approach you for that! Even Madhusmita has the same query! please let us know how and where can we post our doubts! As carrying along with doubts is sometimes really confusing for the succeeding topics! Thank you!
Sir please complete all the topics because Feburary is already here I rely solely on your videos. Love them ! It's a request that you complete them till the time you told
which chapters does the topic alkadienes cover in class 12 or 11 plzz tell
Naweena Laxmi
a year ago
haloalkanes class 12
Vijay kumar
a year ago
Naweena Laxmi
a year ago
sorry bhaiyya, that wouldn't come with haloalkanes. alkadienes is abt alkanes with two double bonds
Vijay kumar
a year ago
phir bhi kisi ka toh part hoga na kyunki I wasn't taught this in my coaching .
Naweena Laxmi
a year ago
if for neet, NCERT is enough . if jee , follow sachin bhayya, coz it requires something beyond text book
Vijay kumar
a year ago
thanks dearv
  1. SACHIN RANA llnd Year UG Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  2. PLANFOR THE CHAPTR ALKADENES The course will be of 5 videos Each video ranges from around 10 mins to 15 mins All reagents, reactions and mechanisms will be discussed. Kindly click on the Enroill button so that you receive the notifications and there's no confusion regarding the videos You can Review the course too. A good review gives a lot of mental support to me for my hardwork

  3. 1. Basics of Dienes, Types of Addition 2. Diels Alder Reaction (Part I) 3. Diels Alder Reaction (Part II) 4. Carbene Addition, Reactions with HOCI, BrCI. 5. Important Questions.