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Diels Alder Reaction(Part II)
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The second part of the very important Diels Alder reaction. Also known as 4+2 cyclic addition.

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Sachin Rana
•IVth Year UG, IIT Bombay. •YouTuber (131k subs). •Mentored 3 under 100 ranks in JEE Advanced. •No. 1 educator for Organic Chem.

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thank you so much sir. Bharat stage norms are brought in force with standard set up by CPCB under MOE&F...they are based on Euro norms....
sir our Mail I'd or whatsapp no need... superb explanation... nw prepared pgt so....
sir your WhatsApp no to show the diels alder reactions questions 5
sir ques 4 me pi pi conjugation se bond between both ring is partially double so how we can rotate thease ring about this partial bond. please tell me soon.
You made organic chemistry easy for me....! THANKS SIR
in the first reaction in this lecture there will be two product one is Endo and another one is my question is that which product is more stable?
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