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Idioms - Part 6 (in Hindi)
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Idioms 71-100

Bineesh Soni is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bineesh Soni
Cleared CHSL & CGL. Former Employee of Ministry of Culture. Scored 50/50 in Quant 5 Times in SSC. A specialist in SSC preparation.

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  2. o Hen-pecked husband o Admirer of one's own wife in a servile manner. o Every girl wants a hen-pecked husband o Herculean task o Task requiring tremendous effort. o To select in SSC CGL is a herculean task. o High and dry o In a deprived situation (alone). o Sometimes I feel high and dry. o High and living o Living with comfort and ease. o High and living is everybody's dream. o Hobson's choice o No alternative o I have hobson's choice than to resign the job.

  3. o Ins and outs o Intricacies or complications/ full details o Before to be in a relation, you should know his/her ins and outs. o Judas kiss o False love o Beware of judas kiss. o Kill two birds with one stone o Doing two things at the same o He is working for CAG as well as for UNACADEMY, he is killing two birds with one stone. o Kith and kin o Blood relations. o You should take care of kith and kin. o Live in an ivory tower o Living in comfort and being. o If you are getting a handsome salary, you can live in an ivory tower.

  4. o Maiden name o A women's surname before marriage. o Her maiden name was Sharma. o Make or mar o To make or destroy o When Ravi enrolls in any work he makes or mars that work. o Man of letter o Learned person o Manmohan singh is a man of letters. o Man of spirit o A man full of enthusiasm. o Everyone should be a man of spirit. o Midas touch o A man with extraordinary power or capacity to make any venture profitable. o A blind man with his midas touch also can be very successful.

  5. o Miss the beat o To lose an opportunity. o When I didn't receive the call from a renowned coaching, I missed the beat. o Nine day's wonder o Something that arouses great interest but for a very short period. o A private job is just a nine day's wonder. o Nip in the bud o To put on end to something in its initial stage. o The long lasting diseases should be nipped in the bud. o Palmy days o Prosperous/ affluent days. o When every member of one's family start earning, then those days will called palmy days. o Past master o An expert o Sachin tendulkar is a past master in cricket.

  6. o Poison someone's ears o To speak against one to another o To poison someone's ears is a bad habit. o Put the cat among pigeons o To say/ do something that causes trouble or make many very angry. o Arvind kejrival always puts the cat among pigeons. o Quarrel with one's bread and butter o To fight with the executive or employer, who is providing one's means of living. o If your boss is too bad, you have to quarrel with your bread and butter. o Rainy day o Future time of need, especially financial need. o I called my parent in rainy days. o Read between the lines o To understand the hidden meaning o You are old enough to read between the lines.

  7. o Red tapism o Strict adherence to excessive paper work and official formalities o Have you ever gone behind the real reason of red tapism in India? o See eye to eye o Showing agreement/ to agree. o Why didn't you see eye to eye with your father while he was conversing with you about your wedding? o See red o Be very angry o And then your father saw red. o Smooth sailing o Easy progress o You can achieve smooth sailing in mock test if you are practicing them daily. o Snake in the grass o A secret enemy. o We should beware of snakes in the grass.