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Idioms - Part 5 (in Hindi)
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Bineesh Soni is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bineesh Soni
Cleared CHSL & CGL. Former Employee of Ministry of Culture. Scored 50/50 in Quant 5 Times in SSC. A specialist in SSC preparation.

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Thankyou so much Sir... Bahiya aap acheiver mein gye the?
Full score :)
Abhishek mittal
a year ago
yes...dont forget to tell me ur scores from next lesson .and also dont forget to review the it now itself🤩
Halcyon days in spring season rather than in autumn @Binni
sir,you are doing very well job for us
Thanks sir and Unacademy

  2. o Dog in the manger o A person who prevents others from enjoying what he cannot. o Your jealous friend is a dog in the manger. o Draw a line o Set a limit o Our society drew a line in respect of marriage. o Eat humble pie o To apologize. o If you are wrong, you should eat humble pie. o End in smoke o Come to nothing o If you are doing a business after a very good education, your education ends in smoke. o Escape one's lips o Speak unintentionally or unexpectedly o If anybody is speaking wrong in front of me, I cannot control on escape my lips.

  3. o Fair and square o In an honest way o My elder brother got selected as an Health Inspector in Cantt fair and square. o Fair sex o Women o My class teacher was a fair sex. o Fair weather friend o Selfish friends who are with us only in comfortable situation o In your life, choose your friends very carefully because many of them may be fair weather friend. o Feather in the cap o Additional success o After got selected in CGL, the selection in CHSL also is a feather in the cap. o Feather one's nest o To enrich oneself by taking advantage of one's position. o Today, the ministers are feathering their nest.

  4. o Fish in troubled waters o To take advantage of the problems of others. o In night, the Cabbies fishes in troubled waters. o Fish out of water o Out of one's usual and comfortable o Whenever I go to any relative's home, my condition remains like fish out of water. o Fly in the ointment o A slight unpleasant thing that obstruct the enjoyment of something o The disappearance of the Bride was fly in the ointment in the wedding. o French leave o A leave without information or permission o I was suddenly informed about the accident, so I had to take a french leave o From hand to mouth o Providing only bare essentials. o The Labourers provide their family only from hand to mouth.

  5. o Gala day o Celebration day. o When I will got selected in CGL, that day will be a gala day for me. o Get away with oAher tho thet, the thiaf got away with. o To escape o After the theft, the thief got away with o Get down to o To attend to work seriously o I got down to UNACADEMY o Get into a soup o Get into trouble. o My friend beaten a boy in his locality and got into a soup. o Gift of the gab o Talent for speaking o Our Prime Minister has gift of the gab.

  6. o Give a piece of mind o To rebuke or scold o When class teacher catched ashish red-handed, she gave him a piece of mind. o Go to dogs o To deteriorate/ degenerate o If your company is bad, it means you are going to dogs. o Go to rack and ruin o To decay or get destroyed. o When you will mess with America, you went to rack and ruin. o Grass widow o A woman who is separated, divorced or lives apart from her husband. o My neighbour aunt is a grass widow. o Grease the palm o To bribe. o In Yogi raj, to grease the palm will be difficult for fraud people.

  7. o Halcyon days o Peaceful days. o The days of autumn are halcyon days o Hammer and tongs o With great effort or energy. o Every aspirant should prepare himself for upcoming exam hammer and tongs o Hand and glove with o In close co-operation o Every family member has a hand and glove with in success of one of them. o Hard nut to crack o A difficult problem to solve/ a person difficult to understand o UPSC CSE is a hard nut to crack. o Have one's hands ful1 o To be completely occupied. o The classrooms of coaching have their hands full