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Idioms - Part 4 (in Hindi)
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Idioms 31-40

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Bineesh Soni
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Hi! I tried to use max. of idioms in the following one.If there are any grammatical mistake kindly reply. All of us knew that India and Pakistan had a bad blood from long time and many a times China,US and some other countries only adds fuel to the fire. It's not an arm chair job for India as well to handle this burning question. Both the countries lived at ease almost for 10-12 years after the Kargil war but in current scenario the future of both are at stake. Jammu and Kashmir is a bone of contention since 1947 b/w the two and both countries remains cross swordded everytime and after 99' many times war like conditions were called off at the eleventh hour. Many a times India offered an olive branch to the Pakistan but Pakistan thoughts that it's only an arm length for both. Therefore, in case of India it's just casting pearls before swine. After revoking the article 370 India is currently at the driver seat while Pakistan is b/w devil and the deep blue sea with it's own internal issues. Looking with bird's eye view it's a direct message to all that India can handle its issues of its own under an iron will of NDA-2.
Bineesh Soni
5 months ago
Great work Sahil ji
5 months ago
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Sir please make a course on mcqs for idiom and phrases
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  2. o Cry for the moon o To desire the unattainable. o Ram is very dull in studies and want to be an IAS officer. Hence he is crying for the moon. o Cry over spilled milk o Regret in vain for what cannot be undone. o When I make any mistake. My parent cry over spilled milk. o Cut both ways o Argue in favour of both sides. o Whenever my mom and dad fight, I cut both ways. o Cut a sorry figure o To give a poor show. o We went to a magic show, but the magician cut a sorry figure. o Cut one's coat according to one's cloth o To live within one o One should cut one's coat according to one's cloth. 's means.

  3. o Dance to one's tune o Obeying one's order. o Everyone should dance to their parent's tune. o Dark horse o One who wins unexpectedly. o Pakistan was a dark horse in champions trophy 2k17 o Dead letter o A law or odinance that is no longer enforced. o Every government law will have to be a dead letter one day. o Democle's sword o Constant threat. o If you are a pilot of aeroplane, a democle's sword will always be hanging over your head. o Die in harness o Die while in sevice o Recently, our 17 soldiers died in harness.