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ICT Most Expected MCQs 9 to 10 (in Hindi)
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ICT 💝 Most Expected MCQs 9 to 10 (in Hindi)

Preeti Mandyal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Preeti Mandyal
👏 सरस्वत्यै नमः 👏 English Literature NET Expertise 💝 Top Educator Of Month Award 💐 13+ Years Experience 👍 Give 2000+ Positive Results 🎁

Unacademy user
Indeed a very useful lesson..thank you sir I just had a diffrent query .recently BOB has announced for PO recruitment.but in the official notification I found that 55% in graduation for general was min criteria but in some other site it was given 60%. please Sir can you tell me ,being a sucessful candidate of BOB PO exam, regarding the percentage issue. last date is almost at the door.please can you give me the correct info ragarding educational qualification for general in BOB.please
Abhishek Kumar
2 years ago
The minimum percentage required in graduation is 55% only. So, don't get misleaded by any website.
Thanks .your lessons are like religious discourse. The best skill of teaching. Thanks again
Preeti Mandyal
5 months ago
Educational and Research Network
Educational and Research Network
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  2. nrormatioh Ana Communication Technology Q.7 The ERNET stands for A] Engineering and research [B] External and regulated [C] Educational and research [D] None of the above network network network

  3. Intormation And Communication Technology Q.8 At which the following institutions ERNET is used to connect Computers? [A] IISCs [B] IITs IC] National Centre for Software Technology ID] All of the above

  4. Information And Communication Technology Q.9 Which of the fT TTOL included in the four basic dimensions of ICT? A] Skills [B] Infrastructure [C] Attitude [D] Personnel

  5. Information And Communication [c] echnelog

  6. Information And Communication Q.10 Which of the rolilochnology Q.10 Which of the following open source e-learning platform has been developed by IIT-Kanpur? [A] e-Gyan [B] e-Sarawati IC] Brihaspati [D] None of the above

  7. Information And Communication Technology