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ICT Most Expected MCQs 19 to 20 (in Hindi)
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ICT 💝 Most Expected MCQs 19 to 20 (in Hindi)

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Preeti Mandyal
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  2. nrormatioh Ana Communication Technology Q.17 Which of the following terms can be used in the context c education through CDs? [A] Synchronous technologies [B] Asynchronous technologies [C] Both [A] and [B] [D] None of the above

  3. Intormation And Communication Technology .18 Digital divide is the term used in the context oh differentiation in use of IT/ICT? A] Developed and developing nation [B] Urban and rural India [C] Both [A] and [B] [D1 None of the above

  4. Information And Communication 0.19 in the hypermTechnology information bits are stored in in the form of [A] Signals [B] Cubes [C] Nodes D] Symbols

  5. Information And Communication Technolog

  6. Information And Communication Technology Q.20 Communication bandwidth that has the highest capacity and is used by microwave, cable and fibre optics lines is known as [A] Hyper link [B] Broadband [C] Bus width [D] Carrier wave

  7. Information And Communication Technology