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ICT Most Expected MCQs 23 to 24 (in Hindi)
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ICT 💝 Most Expected MCQs 23 to 24 (in Hindi)

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Preeti Mandyal
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q 23 option should be content supply.....plzz tell
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  2. Information And Communication Technology Q.21 An electronic bill board that has a short text or graphical advertising message id referred to as A] Bulletin [B] Strajp [C] Bridge line [D] Banner

  3. Information And Communication q.22 The concept orTonooy Q.22 The concept of connect intellig is derived from [A] Virtual reality [B] Fuzzy logic IC] Bluetooth technology [D] Value-added networks

  4. nformation And Communication Technology Q.23 The function of mass communicatio of applying information regarding the processes, issues, events, and societal development is known as A] Content supply [B] Surveillance [C] Gratification [D] Correlation

  5. Communication Technology IBI

  6. Information And Communication Technology Q.24 Information that is a combination of graphics, text, sound, video, and animation is called [A] Multiprogramme [B1 Multifacet [C] Multimedia [D] Multiprocess

  7. Information And Communication Technology