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ICT Most Expected MCQs 7 to 8 (in Hindi)
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ICT 💝 Most Expected MCQs 7 to 8 (in Hindi)

Preeti Mandyal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Preeti Mandyal
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Unacademy user
in 1 question, if we apply the method of second question then m not getting the ans. I am getting 22500 anyone plz help
2 years ago
u r just finding the people who have voted there is one more step see the next question carefully .
Akash Agrawal
2 years ago
ok thanks
Indian Institute Of Science Bangalore & Indian Institute Of Technology
mam unacademy pe mujhe credit 14258 point h na ke 5000 samthing ab batayye ke mujhe 6 month m Kiya lagega
Indian institute of science
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  2. Information And Communication Technology Q.5 CBT stand for [A] Central basic traning [B] Computer-based training IC] Computer basic test [D1 None of the above

  3. Information And Communication Technoloay Q.6 NPTEL stands For [A] National programme on technology enhanced learning [B] National programme on technology enabled learning [C] National programme on technology enhanced lessons [D] National programme on technology embedded learning

  4. nrormatioh Ana Communication Technology Q.7 The ERNET stands for A] Engineering and research [B] External and regulated [C] Educational and research [D] None of the above network network network

  5. Information And Communication Technology

  6. Intormation And Communication Technology Q.8 At which the following institutions ERNET is used to connect Computers? [A] IISCs [B] IITs IC] National Centre for Software Technology ID] All of the above

  7. Information And Communication Technology IDI