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Government of India Act of 1858 - Indian Polity - (In Odia)
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Government of India act 1858. Helpful video for your all Government Examination.

Bibhuti Bhusan Swain
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  1. Features of Act This act abolished the dual government of the Pitt's India Act This act also ended the doctrine of lapse. The Indian Civil Services was to be instituted for the administration of the country. There was provision for Indians also to be admitted to the service

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  4. Q.Which year British transferred the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi? A.1900 B.1930 C.1911 D.1912

  5. Government of India Act 1858 In August 1858, the British parliament passed an act that set an end to the rule of the company The control of the British government in India was transferred to the British crown At this time, Victoria was the queen of Britain.

  6. Government of India Act 1858 The supreme body in Britain was the British parliament to which the British government was responsible. All activities of the British government were however, carried out in the name of the monarch. Amionister of tht e itish government leetary of state, was made

  7. Government of India Act - 1858 The British Governor-General of India was now also given the title of viceroy which means the representative of the monarch

  8. Features of Act It provided that India henceforth was to be governed by, and in the name of, Her Majesty. It changed the designation of the Governor-General of India to that of Viceroy of India He (viceroy) was the direct representative of the British Crown in India Lord Canning thus became the first Viceroy of India

  9. Features of Act It ended the system of double government by abolishing the Board of Control and Court of Directors. It created a new office, Secretary of State for India, vested with complete authority and control over Indian administration. The secretary of state was a member of the British cabinet and was responsible ultimately to the British Parliament.

  10. Features of Act It established a 15-member Council of India to assist the secretary of state for India. The council was an advisory body. The secretary of state was made the chairman of the couci It constituted the secretary of state-in-council as a body corporate, capable of suing and being sued in India and in England.

  11. Features of Act The Act of 1858 was, however, largely confined to the improvement of the administrative machinery by which the Indian Government was to be supervised and controlled in England It did not alter in any substantial way the system of government that prevailed in India