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Charter Act of 1853 - Indian Polity (in Odia)
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Charter Act 1853 - Indian Polity. Another important topic discussion for your upcoming examination.

Bibhuti Bhusan Swain
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  4. Charter Act of 1853 Charter Act of 1853 was the last chartr act passed for East India Company. It was passed on expiry of charter act of 1833. The charter was renewed but no substantial changes were made. This Act was passed when Lord Dalhousie was the Governor-General of India

  5. Features of the Act It separated, for the first time, the legislative and executive functions of the Governor- General's council It provided for addition of six new members called legislative councillors to the counc In other words, it established a separate Governor-General's legislative council which came to be known as the Indian (Central) Legislative Council adopting the same procedures as the British Parliament.

  6. Features of the Act It extended the Company's rule and allowed it to retain the possession of Indian territories on trust for the British Crown. But, it did not specify any particular period, unlike the previous Charters This was a clear indication that the Company's rule could be terminated at any time the Parliament liked.

  7. Features of the Act Separate Governor for Presidency of Bengal: The Charter act of 1853 provided for appointment of a separate Governor for the Presidency of Bengal, distinct from the Governor Genera However, the court of Directors and the Board of Control were authorized to appoint a lieutenant governor, till the appointment of a Governor was made The Lieutenant governor was appointed in 1854. **But no Governor was appointed for Bengal till 1912

  8. Features of the Act Reduction in Number of Directors: Company from 24 to 18. Out of these 18, six were to be appointed by the crown

  9. Features of the Act Local representation: It introduced, for the first time, local representation in the Indian (Central) Legislative Council. of the six new legislative members of the governor- general's council, four members were appointed by the local (provincial) governments of Madras, Bombay, Bengal and Agra

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