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G.K Paper : Question 21-30 (in Kannada)
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Question 21-30 analysis

Kushan Kushalappa H L
Agriculture Graduate, Gold medalist, Prime Minister's scholarship awardee, Cleared UPSC CDS twice. UPSC CSE Mains 2019.

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  1. Agriculture Officer Karnataka General Knowledge paper Date: 30-7-2017

  2. About me Agriculture graduate from University of Agricultural Sciences,Bengaluru UPSC CSE Aspirant Cleared UPSC CDS 1 2018 A passionate teacher

  3. 21. The chief purpose of crop rotation is to check loss of soil by A) By water erosion B) By wind erosion C) By weathering D) Of its mineral content

  4. D) Of it's mineral content

  5. 22. The reaction which converts sugar solution into alcohol is: A) Saponification B) Hydrogenation C) Fermentation D) Hydrolysis

  6. C) Fermentation

  7. 23. The Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin was: A) Alexander Fleming B) Albert Einstein C) Archimedes D) Aryabhata

  8. Answer: A) Alexander Fleming

  9. 24. One yard is A) 0.71 metre B) 0.91 metre C) 0.81 metre D) 0.61 metre

  10. Answer: 0.9144 metre

  11. 26. The latest discovered state of matter? A) Solid B) Bose- Einstein condensate C) Plasma D) Liquid

  12. 27. Which of the planet is called morning or evening star? A) Mercury B) Mars C) VenusS D) Saturn

  13. D) Internet

  14. 29. Artificial silk is also called? A) Rayorn B) Dacron c) Fibreglass D) Nylon

  15. Answer: A) Rayon

  16. 30. Which of the following has 3 pairs of legs? A) Spider ) Scorpion C) Bug D) Mite