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G.K paper : Question 11-20 (in Kannada)
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Question 11-20 analysis

Kushan Kushalappa H L
Agriculture Graduate, Gold medalist, Prime Minister's scholarship awardee, Cleared UPSC CDS twice. UPSC CSE Mains 2019.

Unacademy user
please assist and suggest me sir, how to read and what to read for kpsc exAMS and on what we need to concentrate more. pls guide me sir. thank you
check out Target Excise SI course
Skanda Kushi
7 months ago
K sir Thank you
nice videos, thank you sir, i m a horticulture graduate, so plz do videos more for gk and for specific paper
Okay I will try
  1. Agriculture Officer Karnataka General Knowledge paper Date: 30-7-2017

  2. About me Agriculture graduate from University of Agricultural Sciences,Bengaluru UPSC CSE Aspirant Cleared UPSC CDS 1 2018 A passionate teacher

  3. 11. The Constitution of India vests the residuary powers in: A) The Union Government B) The States C) The Union and the State Governments D) Local Government

  4. A) The Union Government. Canadian model of federalism

  5. 12. WhichConstitutionalAmendment provides special provisions to Hyderabad-Karnataka region? A) 97th amendment B) 98th amendment C) 99th amendment D) 100th amendment

  6. Answer: B) 98th amendment

  7. 13. Who is the present chief election commissioner of India A) Harishankar Brahma B) Nazim Zaidi c) A.K. Joti D) S.Y. Quareshi

  8. Answer: Om Prakash Rawat

  9. 14. The Sarkaria Commission was appointed. A) To find a solution to the Kashmir crisis. B) To examine Centre-State relations C) To resolve dispute over sharing the water D) To examine the working of public sector undertakings

  10. B) To examine centre state relations.

  11. 15.A new state can be created in India A) By a simple majority of Parliament B) By a simple majority of Parliament approval of majority of states c) by a two-thirds majority in Parliamen D) a two-thirds majority in each house of Parliament and approval by a majorit of states

  12. Answer: By a simple majority of Parliament

  13. Answer: B) Insects

  14. 18. Satellite launching station is located at: A) Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh) B) Solapur (Maharashtra) c) Salem (Tamilnadu) D) Warangal (Andhra Pradesh)

  15. Answer: B) Methane

  16. 20. India has largest deposits of in the world? A) Gold B) Copper c) Uranium D) Mica