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Fundamentals-18 e Rule (in Hindi)
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18e rule ke application

Noorul Huda is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Noorul Huda
A chemist with passion of teaching. Currently pursuing Research. Qualified many exams like CSIR-NET(JRF), GATE, TIFR, NDA, etc.

Unacademy user
Hi Vineet. Thanks for the brilliant video series. Couple of questions: A) While analyzing mocks and questions, you have rightly said that we need to find out why a question is right or wrong, and that we should not worry about the time. So how should we pace ourselves when we re-read the passages? What happens with me is that, i have 60% accuracy while attempting in mocks, but when i come back and do the analysis, I read it at a very slow pace and yes, I get a 95% accuracy. (I am not an ardent reader, and hence struggle with the attempts) B) How would you suggest the flow of attempts, in a mock where VA and RC questions are mixed, and not discreet? Thanks again.
Vishal Gupta
2 years ago
Anticipating your response eagerly!
Same thing happens with me . I am giving aimcats (T.i.m.e mocks). It takes me 5 minutes to read the passage.. 3mins seems very tough i think
Fe2 (u co)2 (co)2 (cp )2..pls solve this sir .this complex will follow 18 e rule or not.
Noorul Huda
a year ago
OK ill include this question in requested questions video at the end of this course
thank u sir
  1. ome) cur

  2. Ebchov? 2 2 2. CO 3 2 2 Ph, R

  3. Xoum CoCCO) 5 12. eT ls