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CSIR JUNE 2018- Migratory Insertion (in Hindi)
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Noorul Huda is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Noorul Huda
A chemist with passion of teaching. Currently pursuing Research. Qualified many exams like CSIR-NET(JRF), GATE, TIFR, NDA, etc.

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we r waiting for next lessons...//\\
co can leave making 16 e and then attack of pph3 to make 18 e
  1. The reaction of [(n-CsHs)Fc(COl with CH,l gives compound A. The 'H NMR spectrum of A shows two singlets in an integrated intensity ratio of 3:5. Compound A upon reaction with PPh gives compound B. The H NMR spectrum of B shows 3 sets of signals in an integrated intensity ratio of 3:5:15. Compounds A and B respectively, are 63. 2. CH3 Fe OC Ph3P IcoCH Fe Ph3P PhP CO CH3 CH3

  2. CH co O C co Crz -insetto