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CSIR JUNE 2018- Migratory Insertion (in Hindi)
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Noorul Huda
A chemist with passion of teaching. Currently pursuing Research. Qualified many exams like CSIR-NET(JRF), GATE, TIFR, NDA, etc.

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Not at all able to get the last ques in which you have used LOG
Hi abhishek Initially equation was difficult to solve using general L hospital rule, so to simply fy equation, we take log on both the sides, and simplified using simple logarithmic rules, then equation becomes easy to solve
co can leave making 16 e and then attack of pph3 to make 18 e
  1. The reaction of [(n-CsHs)Fc(COl with CH,l gives compound A. The 'H NMR spectrum of A shows two singlets in an integrated intensity ratio of 3:5. Compound A upon reaction with PPh gives compound B. The H NMR spectrum of B shows 3 sets of signals in an integrated intensity ratio of 3:5:15. Compounds A and B respectively, are 63. 2. CH3 Fe OC Ph3P IcoCH Fe Ph3P PhP CO CH3 CH3

  2. CH co O C co Crz -insetto