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CSIR DEC 2015 Problem (in Hindi)
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18e rule, a trick to solve such questions

Noorul Huda is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Noorul Huda
A chemist with passion of teaching. Currently pursuing Research. Qualified many exams like CSIR-NET(JRF), GATE, TIFR, NDA, etc.

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Very nice approach 👍🏻
Thank you sir, nice explanation
Noorul Huda
a year ago
You're welcome 😊
  1. 91. The intermediate and the final major product of photolysis of Z Mo (CO)3 from the followin g: are 1. A and D 3. Band C 2. 4. B and D A and C A. (CO)3 Mo B. (CO)2 Mo (CO)2 C. D. (CO)2

  2. Me OC Co oc Co 622)S 6 +1+S 16e-

  3. 1 Mo no OC Oc CO info aly