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Fundamental Duties - Introduction, Meaning, Characteristics and Significance of Fundamental Duties
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The lesson is about the meaning of duties in general, the meaning of fundamental duties, inclusion of fundamental duties, Characteristics of fundamental duties and significance of fundamental duties

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Deepika Reddy Magham
BCA, LLB, MBA; Director, Shikara IAS Academy; 10 years experience in teaching Indian Polity, Ethics, Indian Society and Social Justice.

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Some ships are not trains is evident from your venn diagram then why not option c is correct?
mam for vro exam there are some supreme ,court cases regarding fundamental rights, are that cases are imp for vro exam mam
namaste mam... duties are non justiceable and are backed by statute law... means duties are implicitly enforceable... and it is applicable only to citizens but if aliens infringes any of duties then statute law which operate implicitly will work on alien or not.. plz clarify it mam
an alien will be liable if it happens in India. however it also depends on his position and imminities, if any. Duties as far as the Constitution is concerned are.only for the citizens as specified in Article 51A
Bipin Kumar
2 years ago
thank u maam

  2. INTRODUCTION Fundamental Duties - not a part of the Indian Constitution when it commenced added later by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act basis recommendations made by the Sardar Swaran sourced from the Constitution of Russia 1976 Singh Committee.

  3. MEANING Obligations to be followed by the citizens - Moral or legal Fundamental duties in the Indian Constitution - Of all the citizens are moral obligations To help promote the spirit of patriotism and uphold the unity of the country

  4. CHARACTERISTICS 1. Moral and Civic Obligations 2. Non-justiciable in nature 4. Supreme Court in its various judgments stated that fundamental duties are not obligatory only to the citizens but also to the states.

  5. SIGNIFICANCE Remind the citizens that while enjoying rights they also have some fundamental duties to follow 1. 3. Inspire the citizens t play an active role in the development of the country and not be just spectators Foster the feeling of oneness, thereby contributing to the unity of the nation 4.

  6. SIGNIFICANCE 5. Though non-justiciable, some of them are enforceable by a statute and some of them are integral to the fundamental rights 6. Rights and Duties are inseparable - two sides of a same coin. They are correlated and either of them cannot be ignored