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Food Processing Engineering: Part 2
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Ashwin Balasubramanian
Studying B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Fourth year in Karunya University, Coimbatore.

Unacademy user
Thanku sir for this beautifully explained course on indian polity.HOPE u will make such amazing courses on rest part of static portion of GS also in near future.
Chetan Gaurav
a year ago
Pleasure is all mine romana😊 will try to cover more

  2. Vitamin K . Phylloquinone is major form of Vit K found in plants While involved in protection against osteoporosis, skin wounds, and possibly cancer, Vitamin K significantly helps blood to clot after an injury Also found in a variety of foods, especially vegetables, K most often forms from intestine bacteria in the body

  3. . There are three different forms of Vitamin . a) phylloquinone, which is found in food . b) menadione, which is man-made . c) menaquinone, which is produced by the body

  4. Function . Blood clotting process . Vit D is essential for the formation of prothrombin by liver . Prothrombin is normal constituents of blood and help to clotting of blood on contact with air

  5. RDA . Vit K deficiency in India is occasionally in premature new born infants 0.5-1.0mg of vit K

  6. Sources Green leafy vegetables principal source Deficiency Prolongs clotting time and may results in excessive bleeding after an injury .

  7. Water soluble Vitamins . Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) . Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin or Vit G) . Niacin . Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) . Folic Acid . Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) . Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


  9. Vitamin B1 e Also known as Thiamin and aneurin . First isolated in 1926 from rice polishings by Jansen and Donath . Thiamin is derived from its chemical ring like structure . Consist pyrimidine and thiazole rings linked by methylene ring like structure . Exists mainly in various inter-convertible phosphorylated forms (Thiamine Pyrophosphate) . Very soluble in water and readily broken down by heat in neutral or alkaline solution

  10. Function:s . Act as co enzyme related to release energy from glucose and storage as fat . Thiamine pyrophosphate - necessary for catalyzing the oxidation of CHO in body This reaction releases energy in the system Thiamin is needed to do main function of body as...