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Food Processing Engineering: Part 1
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Deficiency of Vitamins

Ashwin Balasubramanian
Studying B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Fourth year in Karunya University, Coimbatore.

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best discussion ever sir it helped me to understand the planetry wind ....

  2. Vitamin D Pure vitamin D was isolated in crystalline form in 1930 . Called as "Calciferol" . Vitamin D is now considered as pro- harmone than vitamin . "Sunshine Vitamin" . Vit D is shown by a group of chemical sub 13 called sterol wax like substances

  3. Vit D compound are soluble in fats . Insoluble in water . Stable to heat, Acid, Alkalies and oxidatiorn

  4. Function:s Absorption of calcium and phosphorus Calcitriol,a harmone is an activated form of Vitamin D Act with two other harmones and stimulus the absorption of Ca &P in small intestine Bone mineralization Bone tissue form from Ca & P and other material is regulated by Calcitriol u ndrn oe minerads n bone This blanching process helps to build & maintain bone tissue

  5. Sources . Irradiation of skin with sunlight is main source . Small quantity in Liver, egg yolk , fortified milk and milk fat(butter and ghee),mushroom The Richest source is fish liver oil It is not part of diet, have to take as supplement Vanaspati may be fortified with 180 International units of Vit D per 100ams

  6. RDA . To set requirement of for this nutrient is difficult because it synthesis in skin by sun's irradiation of the 7- dehydrocholesterol 5 mcg or 2001U - daily requirement for child . 10mcg or 4001U- daily supplement for people who work at night ,whose habit or style of dress shield them from sunlight and for those individual who stay indoors

  7. Deficiency . Strong, Rigid bones are not available, causes Rickets .Rickets characteristic: Poor growth - Bone deformation such as . Bowed legs Beaded Ribs . Enlarged Joints Skull Deformation

  8. Osteomalacia: It is similar to rickets ,may develop in adult womern This is found in women who have had many pregnancies and have nursed their children for long period The bone may become so weak that they may not bear weight of their bodies and may bend or break

  9. e cancer . depression diabetes . heart disease hypertension . multiple sclerosis . osteodystrophy osteoporosis weak immune system . weight gain

  10. Overdosage . Causes . Itching kidney stones lassitude irritability Nausea . Vomiting . Constipatio . blindness confusion . dehydration If dose of 1000IU (25mcg) administered over a long period of times then these side effect will found . muscle weakness . poor appetite . thirst urination (increased) . Weight loss depression . diarrhea heart rhythm