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Fill in the Blanks Part -8(in Hindi)
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Fill in the blanks

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Ankit Bisht
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बहुत अच्छा लगा धन्यवाद है आपको

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  3. stages of processing Q11. Major chemicals undergo several (a) to renovate (b) to be improved (d) to be converted into downstream chem cals. . (c) so as to be adapted to be converted' is correct expression

  4. 212. In an effort to bring the problem under control, the tndian Government has recently for prevention of pollution of the Ganges. (a) disciplined a way out > (b) supervised an act . (c) dominate the action . (d) drawn up an action plan 'drawm up an action plan'

  5. Q13. The company is ranked as the world's fourth largest two and three wheeler manufacturer and is a brand well known . (a) across several countries in the world e (b) positioned among the various countries (c) acceptable over the globe (d) workina around the world across several countries in the world

  6. . 14. 1am reading a book these days that beautifully . (a) desoribed the Banyan Tree - the National tree of indita .(b) describe a Banyan Tree - the National tree of lndia (c) give a desoription of the Banyan Tree - the National tree of lndia .(a) describes the Banyan Tree - the National tree of tndia Describes the banyan tree- the national tree of india

  7. Q15. Under the reverse repo operation, the RBI borrows money from the bankes (a) draining iquidity out from the system (b) drains liquid out of the systenm (c) so as the liauidity is drained off the system (d) draining the liauidity amidst the systenm . Sol. draining liauidity out from the system

  8. Q1. W hat has the new adm nistration's policies had on investor confidence? (b) affect (d) None of these - (a) effect - (c) affecting e Sol. 'effect' is noun form, 'affect' is verb form. Hence, option A is correct answer choice.

  9. 2. A feeling of one's worth is one of the goals of psychological therapy. (a) principle (o) principal (o) priority (d) None of these . 'Sol. "Principal, is correct word.

  10. Q3. There's no sense carrying on that way . (a) in (b) of (c) off (d) None of these Sol. Prepos tion in' is correct word choice.

  11. a5. The infant thumb. quietly sucking its (a) Laying (b) laio o) Lay e (d) None of these Sol. Intrans t ve verb tau' will be used. (lie- ay-laid).