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Fill in the Blanks Part -5(in Hindi)
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Fill in the blanks

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Ankit Bisht
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Sir, please check the answer to the last question, it is 4.8 minutes instead of 5.2 minutes. plz, confirm sir.

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  3. >D LEP kumar was at the ofhisfilm career when he received the national award. 1. Trough 2. Apex 3. Nadir 4. Greatest Trough: the point of low activity or achievement. Apex: the highest point of achievement. . Nadir: the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a s tuation Ans : the given blank must be filled with pos tive word. Therefore, apex' must be used

  4. > The police didnt believe the v ct m as his story didnt_ 1. Add p 2. Appeal to 3. Break up 4. Eack up ' means to akese o sem Add up' means to make sense or seenu reasonabl Appeal to means either to plead or make a request or to be attractive or interesting Break up' means to come to an etn Bace up' means to g ve support or encouragement.

  5. Citizens first need to by the rules before they can demand something 1. Abide 2. Respecit 3. Follow 4. Obey Abide by means to respect or obeyea decision or rule.

  6. > Her attempt to__her competitors backfired and cost her the title of the homecoming queen Lander 4. Conplain o 1. Praise 2. Acclaim 3. s complain' should be followed by the preposition about' e Slander', wh ch means 'to make false and damaging statements about someone is the right choice

  7. . Most countries have Laws that texting while driving as it can cause accidents. 1. Proscr be 2 Allow 3. Defend 4. Auth or ze . Here, lexting while dr ving' is said to be an undesirable practice as it can cause accidents. So naturallu, manu countries must have prohibited' this. only proscribe means 'to prohib t

  8. He_ people who face a number of problems in life and are unable to overcome problems in ife and are unable to overcome them 1. Counsels 2. Council 3. Consuls . conscripts. 'counsels which means to advise or 'give advice'

  9. The colleges have huge role to play in improving the country's future and they must ocus on.shaping the students into ind vidual who can the nation . 1. Attend 2. Lead 3. Ensure 4. Propagate Propagate' neans to spread. something will be the case. others'. Attend' means to be present at (an event, function, . 'Ensure' means to make sure' or 'make certain that . To 'lead means to take initiat ve in an action or to guide meeting ete.)

  10. She wasby his violent behaviour 1. Intim dated 2. Intimated 3. n t ated . 4.Inhibited e Intimidate means to frighten or overawe (someone), Intimate' means 'to state or make known' 'Initiate means to begin or start. Inhibit means hinder, 'restrain', or prevent (an action or process)'

  11. > The magician created anofthe girl floating in air. 1. Allusion 2. Illusion 3. Fusion 4. Em ssion Allusion' means 'an expression for an indireot or lusiow nce or Fusion' means the process or result of joining two passing reference' weans a deceptive appeara or more things together to form a single entity'. Emission means the production and discharge of something, especially gas or radiation.