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Fill in the Blanks Part -7(in Hindi)
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Fill in thr blanks

Ankit Bisht is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ankit Bisht
#Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. #gs and english faculty #awarded for 1

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great course. please continue
Neetu Rani
a year ago
Thank You Pratham..... keep learning Do Rate & Review

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  3. >A good transport system performing in logistic activities brings benefits not only to service auality (a) alone to company's competition () but al Lso to the competitive company (o) and also to company compet tiveness (d) buct also to company competitiveness 'out also to company competitiveness'. 'Not only but also is correlative conjunstion and always used in pairs.

  4. &2 In pursuance of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 19&5, the Admministrat ve Tribunals set-up under it exercise original jurisdiction in respect of service matters of employees covered by it. in the > (a) cond tions entertained (b) provison contained > (c) requirements list () pravisions adjusted prov sion contained

  5. 3. B2009, less than half of the assenger car production bu the largest six Japanese producers (A) was undertaken > (B) had been operated (C) were pursued >(D) was executec Mjapan. was undertalken; singular verb will be used for the word production.

  6. 4. over 9o percent of coal is electricity sector. (A) won by the > (B) earmarked by (C) consumed by >(D) retained on Consumed b' is correct phrasal verb in the given context of the sentence.

  7. trades or market adacase out of off-market trades or market trades. >(A) registrations (B) alterations (c) allocation > (D) transfers > Transfers-is correct word in the given sentence.

  8. 6. The burger giant count in a newspaper article last month. (A) confessed (B) disclosed (C) retaliated its year-end store > (D) engaged Disclose (verb): make (secret or new information) known Hence, disclosed is correct word choice.

  9. . The doctor advised him to include mango in his diet, of vitamins A, c and D. >(A) that is adeauate >(o) that providled him >(C) which is richly supplied > (D) which is a rich source Which is a rich source. Relative pronoun which is correctly used for mango'

  10. @8. At a very young age, he as a mining engineer. (A) activated his life (s) arrived at his destiny e (C) began his career (D) train himself gan his career is correct expression for the given sentence

  11. Q10. The first shipment to Australia is of 500 units of the cars and the total car exports to Australia are to be in the range of 15,000 per annum . (a) detailed (b) expected (d) approx mated expected is correct word choice to complete the meaning of .(c) ascertain the sentence.