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Expected Questions on ICT Part - 43 (in Hindi)
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This lesson presents the expected questions of ICT for NTA UGC NET December 2018.

Co-founder of BSI Academy and running YouTube channel. 5 years of teaching experience. Qualified in UGC NET & CSIR in Computer Science as JR

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who is Krthul maria
David Kruthwol. He worked with Bloom to develop Affective domain
Pavan kantri
a year ago
thank you madam by this topic how we can know that student psychology in class
  1. NTA UGC NET Paper - 1

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  5. . In comparison to second ary storage, primary storage is (a) Slower and lesser expensive (b) Faster and more expensive (c) Faster and lesser expensive (d) Slower and more expensive

  6. The two kinds of main memory are (a) ROM and RAM (b) Primary and secondary (c) Floppy diskette and compact diskette (d) None of the above

  7. . The act of retrieving existing data from memory is called (a) Read-out (b) Read from (c) Read (d) All of the above

  8. RAM is used as short memory as it is (a) Expensive (b) Small capacity (c) Programmable (d) Volatile

  9. The computer memory used for temporary storage of data and program is called (a) RoM (b) EROM (c) RAM (d) EPROM

  10. The memory which is programmed at the time of its manufacturing is (a) ROM (b) PROM (c) RAM (d) EPROMM

  11. . The most important advantage of a video disk is (a) Compactness (b) Potential capacity (c) Durability (d) Cost effectiveness

  12. What is the latest write-once optical storage media? (a) Digital paper (b) Magneto-optical disk (c) WORM disk (d) CD-ROM disk