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Expected Questions on ICT Part - 22 (in Hindi)
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This lesson presents the expected questions of ICT for NTA UGC NET December 2018.

Co-founder of BSI Academy and running YouTube channel. 5 years of teaching experience. Qualified in UGC NET & CSIR in Computer Science as JR

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  1. NTA UGC NET Paper - 1

  2. About Me Sandeep . M.Tech (IT) from IIIT CSIR (Engineering Science) as JRF UGC NET (JRF) Computer Science & Applications .Worked as Software Engineer & Research Scientist

  3. Information & Communication Technology

  4. Part - 22

  5. unacademy 09 45:14PM Follow me on the Unacademy Learning App 127.1k Sandeep Singh Educator since May 2018 Co-founder of BSI Academy 5 years of teaching Qualified in UGC NET in Computer Science and its .Get updates about new courses Watch all my lessons Download slides and watch offline Application as JRF&lecturer 147k 0 34 Follow All courses Q Sandeep Singh HINDI Programming in C&C (Hindi) Concepts of Objects Oriented Programming CBSE UGC NET (6 rating Sandeep Singh

  6. . .edu domain is used for (a) Educational institution (b) The Internet infrastructure and service providers (c) International organizations (d) None of the above

  7. . What is the full form of URL? (a) Uniform Resource Library (b) Uniform Resource Locators (c) United Resource Library (d) United Resource Locators

  8. The main advantages an e-marl are? (a) Speed (b) Cost (c) Record keeping (d) All of the above

  9. . www provides standardized access to (a) GOPHER (c) FTP (b) Telnet (d) All of the above

  10. . Which of these is not an Internet browser? (a) Netscape Navigator (b) Chrome (c) Drupal (d) Opera

  11. . Which one of the following is a search engine? (a) Macromedia Flash (b) Google (c) Netscape (d) Librarians' Index to the Internet

  12. is an example of what? (a) URL (b) Access code (c) Directory (d) Server