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Expected Questions on ICT Part - 16 (in Hindi)
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This lesson presents the expected questions of ICT for NTA UGC NET December 2018.

Co-founder of BSI Academy and running YouTube channel. 5 years of teaching experience. Qualified in UGC NET & CSIR in Computer Science as JR

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  1. NTA UGC NET Paper - 1

  2. About Me Sandeep . M.Tech (IT) from IIIT CSIR (Engineering Science) as JRF UGC NET (JRF) Computer Science & Applications Worked as Software Engineer & Research Scientist

  3. Information & Communication Technology

  4. Part 16

  5. unacademy 09 45:14PM Follow me on the Unacademy Learning App 127.1k Sandeep Singh Educator since May 2018 Co-founder of BSI Academy 5 years of teaching Qualified in UGC NET in Computer Science and its .Get updates about new courses Watch all my lessons Download slides and watch offline Application as JRF&lecturer 147k 0 34 Follow All courses Q Sandeep Singh HINDI Programming in C&C (Hindi) Concepts of Objects Oriented Programming CBSE UGC NET (6 rating Sandeep Singh

  6. . Transfer of data from one application to another line is known as (a) Dynamic disk exchange (b) Dodgy data exchange (c) Dogmatic data exchange (d) Dynamic data exchange

  7. An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately see the result of that change is (a) Desktop Publishing Program (b) Database (c) Spreadsheet (d) All of the above

  8. CAD stands for (a) Computer Aided Design (b) Computer Algorithm for Design (c) Computer Application in Design (d) All of the above

  9. Which of the following is required when more than one person use a central computer at the same time? (a) Terminal (c) Digitizer (b) Light pen (d) Mouse

  10. . Which of the following is used only for data entry and storage, and never for processing? (a) Mouse (b) Dumb terminal (c) Microcomputer (d) Dedicated data entry system

  11. Magnetic tape can serve as (a) Secondary storage media (b) Output media (c) Input media (d) All of the above

  12. The two major types of computer chips (a) External memory chip (b) Primary memory chip (c) Microprocessor chip (d) Both (b) and (c)