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Examples on Principle (Part III)
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Sachin Rana
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kindly explain me the case for the first example....where hcf for n and 36 is checked..why the case of 6 is not taken into account as 6 could also considered as a common factor for both the nos n and 36?
Rishabh Sahai
a year ago
if we check 2 and 3, we check 6 automatically
the repetitive cases are deducted from the final answer, you can visualise it with the help of sets.
Will you cover everything which comes under the JEE syllabus?Is this course from the basic level from the jee advanced level?
sir why in second last question ans is 9(raise to)n is ans as n can be, 2,3,4....n there may be an gp...
Rahul Chaudhary
a year ago
but the question told that no two consecutive no are together for ex no. can be 121212121
210 different types of tickets.
Aditya Singh
a year ago
ab^n what is the answer of hw q. in 3rd lesson
425 ways.
210 tickets should be printed
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