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Examples on Principle (Part II)
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Sachin Rana
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I think the answer is 10 ways
Q2 ke 3rd point ka 6 ho Sakta hai kya??cuz 3 same cheez select kr ke liyyee and uske badd bhi do hai.... plz reply anybody..PAGE NO.---2,POINT ----3
Jenny Sonkusare
10 months ago
I am thinking the same thing
Akarsh Shrivastava
9 months ago
yeah same doubt
Same Question
Vijay Singh
5 months ago
3 months ago
if we select AAA then we have to give 3 more varieties which can either be BB & C or CC & B similarly for BBB and CCC hence 3x2 =6 correct me if I am wrong🤗
3 months ago
sorry I replied wrong ques no it cannot be 6 coz it will be repeated AAABBB or AAACCC similarly for BBBAAA or BBBCCC CCCAAA or CCCBBB look there are only 3 cases AB BC AC
Can you explain me the question where 12 things of 3 different varities are considered to be distributed among 2 persons P and Q? Why dont we consider the case of person Q and simply calculate the cases of person P. I am a little confused.
sir i am uncomfortable with your soln of ex 2
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