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Equatorial Rain Forest (In Kannada)
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Discussed in detail about Equatorial Rain Forest.

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plz provide rainfall slides, i.e conduction, convection and oragraphic rainfall
please do convectional rain fall sir
Humidity- moisture content in water. equinox- march 21 and sep 23.
*moisture content in air.
very informative.
thanks manoj
  1. BIOMES Presented by Shantagouda

  2. About me Engineering Graduate Cleared KAS 2014 UPSC CSE Mains 2017 . Former SAP ABAP Consultant at Wipr< - Former Excise Sub Inspector(ESI) RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND Follow me on :

  3. Biome Equatorial Rain Forest

  4. Equatorial Rain Forest Found around Equator Amazon rainforest, Congo basin, East indies and parts of South East Asia.

  5. MAP Of Equatorial Rain Forest S Bogota Kuala Lump hot, wet equatorial regions

  6. Climate Uniform weather throughout the year Absence of Distinct season Rains in the afternoons High Relative Humidity Double rainfall peaks coinciding with thoe Double rainfall peaks coinciding with the equinoxes

  7. Vegetation Abundance of species - Difficult to penetrate the junge No month without Rain Epiphytes Unfertile soil Canopy structure - layered trees n Hardwood trees - mahogany, rosewood, rubber, ebony eto.

  8. Major Tribal groups Malaysia-Orang Osli Sumatra-Kubus Bo rneo - Dayaks Congo Basin-Pygmies South America -Amazon Indians

  9. Life and Development - Shifting Cultivation Natural Rubber Plantations in Amazon Basin Cocoa in Ghana & Nigeria. crops cultivated in the region. - Oil palm, coffee, tea, tobacco ete are other

  10. Constraints for development Prevalence of Bacteria & Insect pests, Infertile soil Diffeulty in lumbering and livestock Difficulty in lumbering livestock farming, Excessive heat &high humidity.