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English - Previous Year Questions Part 1 (in Malayalam)
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This lesson discusses 10 English questions of University Assistant Exam 2016. Previous Year English Questions of various Kerala Psc Exams are discussed and solved in this Course.

Ismaiel Kalady is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ismaiel Kalady
I teach Maths & Reasoning for Kerala PSC Cracked RRB ALP, Group D, IBPS,SSC Exams Youtube - IMA Math Tricks Telegram - Issu Math Academy

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Thank you sir..... Kooduthal classukal prathekshikkunnu.
thanks sir english maths anu ellavarkkum difficult maths sir enikk simple akki thannu ippo engane poyalum avarage maths 16/20 ethilum confirm ayi kittum .english kudi sir angane akki tharum ennu pradikshikkunnu thanks soooo much... all the best
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2 nd question nte answer b um correct allae????
Class is good sir. Waiting for u r new class
  1. Previous Year Questions unacademy ISMAIEL KALADY

  2. Course Overview Important English PYQs 10 Questions in each lesson Brief Summary of Important Points after Each lesson Ismaiel Kalady

  3. Question Paper University Assistant 2016 Question Paper Code : 71/2016 Exam date 24-05-2016 Ismaiel Kalady

  4. 1. Let us go for a walk: (A) do we? (B) shall we? (C) don't we? (D) didn't we? Ismaiel Kalady

  5. 2. The passive form of 'This shop sells all the vegetables.' is (A) All the vegetables are sold by this shop (B) All the vegetables are sold in this shop (C) All the vegetables have been sold by this shop (D) All the vegetables are being sold by this shop Ismaiel Kalady

  6. 3. It was raining when I home yesterday. (A) had reached (B) has reached (C) had been reaching (D) reached Ismaiel Kalady

  7. 4. I was going the documents last evening. (A) on (B) in (C) through (D) about Ismaiel Kalady

  8. 5. Germany is_E European country. (A) a (B) an (C) the (D) no article required Ismaiel Kalady

  9. 6. The problem was difficult that I could not solve it. (A) very (B) so (C) too (D) much Ismaiel Kalady

  10. In which part of the questions 7 and 8 is the mistake? 7. (A) the film (B) that I saw yesterday (C) was about an old man (D) who was living a long time ago Ismaiel Kalady

  11. 9. Milk is in proteins and minerals. (A) good (B) large (C) big (D) rich Ismaiel Kalady

  12. Summary Question tag for Let us - Shall we Question tag for Let us + Please-Will you? Go on Continue Go with- agree Go through - read/examine European starts with vowel "e" but the sound is 'yu' Ismaiel Kalady