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English Grammar - Part 3 - Opsc , Ossc , Osssc (in Odia)
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This video describes full concept and analysis of English grammar questions from exam point of view.

Purusottam Mishra
Pioneer of ODISHA JOB ACADEMY -YouTube Channel.Verified Educator in UNACADEMY. Cracked SUPREME COURT JAO , BANK PO , NDA , TCS , Other MNCs

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  2. Q. Spot the error *(a) the company not only manufactures/(b) leather goods but /(c) also plastic ware/(d) no error.

  3. Q. Spot the error *(a) He has left home yesterday,/(b) though there was no need/(c) for him to do so/ (d) no error

  4. Sentence Improvement Q. If a person studied a period of history, he would have wondered how things had happened at that time. A person would study A person had studied A person could have studied No improvement a) c)

  5. Sentence improvement Q. He can't scarcely see in this light. scarcely can't scarcely can can scarcely no improvement

  6. SYNONYMS Q. DILETTANTE A diligent person A person who studies something without serious understanding A person who takes undue interest in others affairs A person who is always complaining over minor things

  7. Q. Romila is not easily pleased by anything. Fastidious Thrifty Profligate Swanky

  8. S-1: A priest stood before the congregation one Sunday and told them he had good news and bad news. S-6: "The final piece of bad news," said the priest, is that the money is still in your pockets." P: The priest cut short the assembled throng by dishing out the good news: there was enough money to cover the repairs. Q: He proceeded to tell the audience that the church required a sum of $500 to fix the leaking roof R: A sigh of relief escaped from the congregatiorn S: the congregation groaned. The proper sequence should be a. SPQR c. SQPR b. RPQS d. RQSP

  9. IDIOMS Q. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM b. C. d. Navigational controls used in a ship. Important members of a political party. Various unimportant subjects* Procedural rules to be followed in an organization

  10. Q. BRING HOME THE BACON b. C. d. To attract clientele To achieve something successfully To take up a new job To purchase a new house