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Enactment Of The Constitution
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Enactment Of The Constitution

Rangu Satish
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  1. ENACTMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION Dr B R Ambedkar introduced the final draft of the Constitution in the Assembly on November 4, 1948 (first reading). The Assembly had a general discussion on it for five days (till November 9, 1948). The second reading (clause by clause consid-eration) started on November 15, 1948 and ended on October 17, 1949. During this stage, as many as 7653 amendments were proposed and 2473 were actually discussed in the Assembly.

  2. The third reading of the draft started on November 14, 1949. Dr B RAmbedkar moved a motion-'the Constitution as settled by the Assembly be passed'. The motion on Draft Constitution was declared as passed on November 26, 1949, and received the signatures of the members and the president. Out of a total 299 members of the Assembly, only 284 were actually present on that day and signed the Constitution. This is also the date mentioned in the Preamble as the date on which the people of India in the Constituent Assembly adopted, enacted and gave to themselves this Constitution

  3. The Constitution as adopted on November 26, 1949, contained a Preamble, 395 Articles and 8 Schedules. The Preamble was enacted after the entire Constitution was already enacted. Dr B R Ambedkar, the then Law Minister, piloted the Draft Constitution in the Assembly. He took a very prominent part in the deliberations of the Assembly. He was known for his logical, forceful and persuasive arguments on the floor of the Assembly. He is recognised as the 'Father of the Constitution of India'. This brilliant writer, constitutional expert, undisputed leader of the scheduled castes and the 'chief architect of the Constitution of India' is also known as a Modern Manu'