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Election Related Questions on Percentage (in Hindi)
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In this session, I have discussed some election, voting and candidature related questions. In these kind of question take 100% as listed candidates, separate out casted- not casted votes, valid- invalid candidated and votes of winner and looser. Then make the question accordingly.

Anand Gupta
Engineer by Education, Mentor by Profession , Traveller by Passion and Fauji by spirit. Teaching in Career Power (Bank & SSC-Maths), Jaipur

Unacademy user
i didn't get it i have 4 question to ask how can i get help
high level questions karwsyo sir it's a request
Hi anand, In third question: can't understand from where we get 81 of 8% which is equal to 1620 plz explain this more... Thanx in Advance......... :) *81 ka 8% = 1620*
Ashish Porwal
3 years ago
actually 81 Percent is total ..and won by 54 percent and loose 46 percent from 81 Percent ... so 8 percent is the difference between 54 and 46 which is 8 percent
Lovely plz continue
very nice video...thanks sir
  1. Percentage Election Related Question 20% 5% 50% T40% , 90% 60% 1 33% 25% 5* 45% 70% 30% 5 ANAND GUPTA

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  3. There were two candidates in an election 5% of total voters did not cost their votes. Winner gets 48% oftotal votes and wins by 1500 votes. How many voltes did he get? (A) 16000 )20000 (C) 24000 (D) 72000 (A) 16000 (B) 20000 (C) 24000 (D) 72000 48 % 500 x 49 72000]

  4. In an election between two candidates, one candidate received 30% of total votes casteed and he lost the election by 15000 votes. How many votes did the winning candidate receive (A) 25250 (B) 28000 (C) 26250 (D)27250 by 1,5000 votes. How nany votes did the winning candidate A)5250 B) A)25250 (B) 28000 28000 C)26250 (D)27250 (A)25250 (B)28000 (C)26250 (D)27250 LOOSL winne

  5. An elelction was between two candidates. 10% of the voters list did not use their right to vote and 10% of the casted votes were declared invalid. The succssful candidate received 54% of total valid votes annd won by 1620 votes. How many voters were listed in tthe voters list ? (A) 25000 (B)20000 (C) 30000 (D) 18000 (A) 25000 (B) 20000 (C) 30000 (D) 18000 Let Liste d vote 46T

  6. it ijf TR st I TTRT f TT T27 5 5 at. 3 TET ETfaT There were two candidates in an electrion. Total i090 votes of voters list were not casted and 55 votes were declared invalid. the winning candidate won by 373 votes and he received 48% votes of total listed votes. What is the total no. of votes in the voters list (A) 5300 r FTq 1000 TETT ZT ZT H rreIT 373 FET t fra TTZT pTCTTTTT RI pET 4800 T fa, 'at HTZTTT (A) 5300 C)5200 (C) 6300 (D) 4800 (B) 5200 C)6300 D4800 7otal vote Nat casted + Invalid + winner ne Lou sen 6%-318

  7. There were two candidate in an election Total 10% votes of voters list were not casted and 25 votes were declared in valid. The successful candidate won by 225 votes and he got 46% of total listed votes. The total votes listed in voters list was (A) 10000 (B) 7300 T geftrTTR s 5 (C) 8400 D)5600 CA) 10000 (B) 7300 (C) 8400 (D)5600 100 %)

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