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Earth and its Composition, Seismic Waves (in Hindi)
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Learn about earth and its layers, earthquake waves and characteristics of various layers.

Akanksha Soni
Architect with a love of travel for happy moments

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kudos! keep it up. insightful course for all banking exams
1. Outer core 2. Surface wave 3. Yaha image kaise upload hogi . Will write it on my copy for sure mam .
Akanksha Soni
2 years ago
I didn't get it. Can you ask again?
Sahil Tandon
2 years ago
Mene apke questions k answer kiye hai mam .
Akanksha Soni
2 years ago
ohhh.Great!! sorry, i couldnt catch that. It''s good to know that you are getting benefit from these videos :)
Outer core - pressure is comparatively low allowing iron to melt and imp for magnetism walampoint nhi samjh aya . Kindly elaborate
Akanksha Soni
2 years ago
That means that pressure is higher in inner core as compared to outer. And high pressure turns liquid into solids. Hence outer core is liquid.

  2. PHYSICAL CONDITION OF EARTH'S CRUST Earth has a layered structure that is Core, Mantle and Crust and they are classified on basis of behavior of seismic waves e Earthquake waves- Originate during earthquake deep inside earth.The place where originate is Focus and surface above focus of earthquake is Epicentre * P-wave shadow cone S-es -> Travela in dolid- and Liquid -> Faster in Solid than longitud waves S-wave shadow sone 105"

  3. EARTH'S STRUCTURE Temperature and density is increasing from crust to core. solia bite CRUST Outer core- Pressure i:s comparatively less allowing iron to melt. Important for magnetism LM CROSE- SECTION Mantle- Semi solid state and main source of magma Crust+ Upper mantle= Lithosphere. or Aaled

  4. MANTLE her iron melr) T eart S-voe Mohr disconh

  5. QUESTIONS: O- Which laver in the earth is in liquid state? Q-Which seismic wave is most destructive? Q- Explain Earth and it's composition with diagrams in brief.(200 words)