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Discussion on Human Needs
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Hi Sir, Could you make a video on pros and cons of presidential and parliamentary democracies considering the current affairs, by which I mean Turkey and some of European countries issue, Donald Trump's appointment of ministers ( Russia) etc reference : THE HINDU March 24, 2017 OPED
sir. plz make all video/lesson in Hindi because l optional subject is economics and, mein Hindi medium me tayyari kar raga gun so, plz sir Hindi me banayen air all Hindi medium me student ki help kare plz,plz,plz...................sir ,hindi
Thanks a lot sir....Your explanation is so lucid
excellent explanation ...just like Roman sir
thank u unacademy the wch I got opportunity to learn eco in such a lucid manner ..thanks for ur effort n tym
sir have you made courses on 10th and 11th ncerts as well ?
Savita Jakhar
2 years ago
sir what is the duration of this course,its not mentioned here..?
  1. NCERT Class XII

  2. Microeconomics

  3. Chapter 1 Introduction : Economy


  5. PART 1

  6. HUMAN NEEDS People in the society need many goods and services in their everyday life including: 1. food, 2. clothing 3. shelter, 4 transport facilities like roads and railways, 5. postal services and 6. various other services like that of teachers and doctors. The list of goods and services that any individual needs is so large that no individual in society, to begin with, has all the things she needs

  7. EXAMPLE If the family wants to have a bigger house, it may have to give up the idea of having a few more acres of arable land. If it wants more and better education for the children, it may have to give up some of the luxuries of life. The same is the case with all other individuals in society.

  8. LOGIC Human wants are unlimited but resources to satisfy the same are limited Hence it has to be seen as to whether we are doing justice with the allocation of resources to human beings in a proper manner

  9. Any allocation of resources of the society would result in the production of a particular combination of different goods and services. The goods and services thus produced will have to be distributed among the individuals of the society.

  10. PROBLEMS FACED BY THE INDIAN ECONOMY .The allocation of: 1. the limited resources and 2. the distribution of the final mix of goods and services are two of the basic economic problems faced by the society Goods and services from firms Firms Houscholds Resources frorm households