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23 lessons • 4h 19m

Discussion on Human Needs

11m 22s

Understanding the central problem and how the problems are solved.

12m 49s

"How to produce?" and "For whom to produce?"

8m 36s

Production Possibility Frontier

6m 30s

Organisation of Economic Activities with Explanation

14m 49s

Types of Economics

9m 29s

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

10m 32s

The Consumer's Budget and its related Components

11m 20s

Budget Line and Points below Budget Line

11m 00s

Monotonic Preferences and Substitution between Goods

12m 13s

Indifference Curve

10m 29s

Optimal Choice of the Consumer and Demand

10m 12s

Concepts of Demand Part 1

14m 49s

Concepts of Demand Part 2

8m 21s

Production, Cost and Production Function

10m 14s

Short Run and Long Run of businesses and Total Product

9m 35s

Types of Product

11m 19s

Marginal Product and a Law of Diminishing Marginal Product

9m 09s

Shapes of Different Products and Returns to Scale

13m 41s

Concept of Cost

15m 01s

The theory of Firm under Perfect Competition

9m 04s

Concept of Revenue and the Total Revenue Curve

14m 24s

Profit Maximisation

14m 40s

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