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Diodes & BJT Part 6 (in Hindi)
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Mcqs on BJT and diodes are discussed in detail.

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Ravendra Yadav
An Engineer, Enthusiastic learner & mentor in the field of Engineering. BE (EE)Cleared Gate twice ✌ and have 2 years of teaching experience

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sir appke video jabardast hote hhhh
At saturation output of transister is shorted (almost), both the junction FB .. Vce=0 almost.. hence collector voltage almost equal emitter voltage
Ravendra Yadav
a year ago
Correct but during question solving we take Vce= 0.2
Yes. that is the value available in data sheet of common BJT..
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  3. ostor ekaugu 0,5% from its nominal value. o.g the (b) 5% 757- 2.5 Solution 5

  4. (9) (b) he collector poten tial ewitter potontiol is more than base clr potenHal e than bage emi rter poten tial mor emitter Colle cher polen tial ot at Same pot en ti more tl) t boe eutler couesas almott at same pot en tial A BJT has Common Bal egar 0.99 . Common en JTTer wil be (b) 99 CC) o Soution- Common Bare Gain ( ): 0.99 Common cuwTler G1ai

  5. ) Coleel Base Solution- heolowu slaliment i not carect? approx. deubles in a eratyre

  6. () Reverge Satusatien cusse silicon diod e thal umani u diade C) The u votae sili con diode s G ermQni 0.9 n tho c mode. The culiet Qi CC mode - b) 99 (C) 1.01 (d) 0- 9 9. Solu Hon- 1-0, 9 99 cuuuut gaiu

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