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Daily Hindu News: 1.12.2018
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This lesson discusses the Farmers March, Cyclone Gaja, and important updates from health and medicine and economics statistics

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Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

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mame next net exam ka syallbus aur pattern change hoga ya december vala rahega. iska updates notice bhi ayega kya please suggest
Zika viras:- effected by ades mosquito
Propeterior are above labour
nice and need everyday

  2. unacaden .BA (Hons.) History . Hobbies: reading, dancing . Rate, review and recommend! Lady Shri Ram College for Women MA Applied Human Rights . Sheffield Hallam University Kapila Hingorani Scholar Follow me @ user/NandiniMaharai/courses

  3. - Farmer's March Kisan Mukti March Delhi, December 2018 All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee . An umbrella body of 207 farmers groups formed after the Mandasaur protests last year - They have developed a Farmer's Charter with 20 demands -2 basic demands . Free from debt . Fair and remunerative prices -The key demands are: A special session of the Parliament to pass - The Farmers Freedom from Indebtedness Bill, 2018 Farmers Right to a Guaranteed Remunirative Minimum Support Prices for Agricultural Commodities Bill 2018 Increase in the guaranteed employment days under MGNREGA to 200 days per family -Wage payment at par with legal minimum wages for unskilled farm labour -Extension of the scheme to urban areas

  4. . Comprehensive social security for all farm households including pension of at least Rs. 5000 per month per farmer above the age of 60 and health coverage No land acquisition without informed consent No dilution of the LARR 2013 at all levels . Strict implementation of the PESA and the prevention of the dilution of FRA 2006 Implementation of the Swaminathan Committee Recommendations

  5. - Health and Medicine -1. Benefits of Horsegram Can treat jaundice, kidney stones (renal calculi) .12% of the world population experiences kidney stones -Have essential fatty acids that can slow onset of Parkinsons and Alzheimer's -Help reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular system, decrease intensity of knee osteoarthritis and asthma - Source of nutrition Rich in protein, iron, calcium and polyphenols -Consumed by the poorest - Used as manure and forage in Africa Native to old world tropical regions -Cultivated in India since pre-historic times - Currently cultivated in south Asia, from India to Myanmar . Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu 2. Potatoes have a high glycemic index Linked to increased rick of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  6. 3. Zika virus Spread by mosquitoes Most infected have none to mild symptoms . Antibodies can be key to diagnosing and treating Zika virus - Antibodies: a Y shaped protein made by the immune system -When a virus enters the system, antibodies bind to the antigens associated with the bug, marking it for the immune system to destroy Antigen: a toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies.

  7. Cyclone Gaja - Affected Tamil Nadu . Chennai, Pondicherry, and areas inland of the east coast . Districts most affected: Pudukottai, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam .Last three make up the Cauvery delta Famous for rice farming, now coconut farming as it is more lucrative . Steady demand for it from oil companies like Marico which makes 'Parachute' oil - They even help the farmers out with expert advise In contrast, fortunes of paddy farmers have faded Felled 60-80% coconut trees in the regions Initial estimates: 75 lakh coconut trees damaged .Need better crop insurance cover -Better crop wise distribution as well mostly paddy farmers take the benefit of this Down to Earth magazine: Gaja is the 10th major cyclone to affect Tamil Nadu in the past 16 years . 3 devastating cyclones in the last 2 year: Vardah, Ockhi and Gaja The State's Action Plan for Climate Change identifies cyclones as a major concern

  8. Despite being cyclone prone, most houses have thatched roofs For Gaja, 2.5 lakh people were evacuated - Yet, Gaja has claimed over 40 lives

  9. - Economics Updates -1. A fiscal deficit occurs when a government's total expenditures exceed the revenue that it generates, excluding money from borrowings In first 7 months, India's FD exceeded the target for the entire year -2. RBl eased securitisation norms for home loan firms Relaxed the Minimum Holding Period (MHP) requirements for NBFCs Earlier, they could securitise loans of more than 5 year maturity after holding them for 1 year Now, they can securitise loans of more than 5 year maturity after holding them for 6 months Now, a greater proportion of their loan book would become eligible for securitisation Banking sector will get more confidence Lend more stability to the debt market -3. FY19 Q2 GDP StatisticsS +7.1% GDO growth Manufacturing: 7.4% . Agriculture: 3.8%

  10. Construction: 6.8% Mining:-2.4% .Slowdown because higher oil prices, weakening rupee and negative net exports . Investment growth: 12% (contribution negated by the exports)

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