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Critical Reasoning (Evaluate questions)
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This lesson will help you to answer the CR questions based on "Evaluating the conclusion" easily.

Abhishek Khurana
I am Abhishek Khurana. I completed my B.Com(H) from Panjab University in 2008 & my MBA from NMIMS in 2011.

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Yes srr Jee I want to app and super learner vedio plg.
cant get the Q.2, 5option.can u plz explain ?
hi abhishek. these lessons are really helpful. thank you. can u please add some more challenging questions?
Abhishek Khurana
2 years ago
sure...I will add some more challenging questions on Monday :)
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  2. Critical Reasoning (Evaluate Questions)

  3. Q1. A certain pharmaceutical firm claims that its dietary supplement, Dietol, is highly effective in helping obese people lose weight and improve physical endurance. The company supports this claim by providing the results of a recent experiment that involved over 800 subjects suffering from obesity. During the 9- week experiment, each of the subiects was required to take a regular dose of Dietol every day immediately after their daily 2-hour workouts supervised by a professional fi ness instrucfor. As a result of the experiment, the subjects lost an average of 1 2 pounds of weight per person, and over 95% of all participants the conclusion of the pharmaceutical company? . What was the daily dose of Dietol that the subjects were required to take? . What was the maximum weight lost by any participant during the 9-week program? . What would be the average weight loss and the improvement in endurance ina roup of subjects with similar characteristics involved in the same physical tness program but not taking Dietol? . What was the average age among the subjects participating in the experiment? Did the majority of subjects experience a significant improvement in physical strength?

  4. 02: The recording industry is fighting a losing battle: it simply does not have the resources to prosecute all of the individuals who illegally download music from the Internet. Because the number of individuals who will be charged with a crime is so limited, the actions of the recording industry will have a minimal impact on the number of people who illegally download music The eursawyr t thebiohef the folowing questions would best help evaluate the accuracy of the conclusion above Will recording industry lawyers dedicate the majority of their time to prosecuting those who illegally download music? . Is a small minority of individuals responsible for the majority of illegal song Do many individuals who illegally download songs share their music files with . Will new Internet security technology permit the recording industry to more Will the threat of prosecution alter the behaviour of those who illegally downloads? other Internet users? quickly and easily identify individuals who illegally download music? download music

  5. Q3 Profits for one of Company X's flagship products have been declining slowly for several years. The CFO investigated and determined that inflation has raised the cost of producing the product but consumers who were surveyed reporteg that they weren't willing to pay more than the current price. As a r sult, the CFO recommended that the company stop producing this product because the CEO only wants products whose profit m rgins are increasing The answer to which of the following questions would be most useful in evaluating whether the CFO's decision to divest the company of its flagship product is warranted? Does the company have new and profitable products available with which to replace the flagship product? . Will the rest of Company X's management team agree with the CFO's recommendation? Are there additional features which could be added to the product and for which consumers might be willing to pay a higher price? is there a way to alter the manufacturing or distribution processes in order to reduce the cost to produce the flagship product? What percentage of Company X's revenues is represented by sales of the flagship product in que tio?

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