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My plan for the chapter Alkenes is discussed. The no. of videos will be 15 and there will be many important reactions covered in the chapter.

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Sachin Rana
IVth Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber (143k subs) | Mentored 3 under 100 ranks in JEE Advanced | No. 1 educator for Organic Chemistry

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sir ur trick is awesome
Bro, you are doing a great job. I'm becoming very good at the concepts day by day. Your videos very engaging and makes us fall in love with Organic chemistry. I'm pretty sure that you will go on to become one of the greatest teachers in India. I have no words to express my gratitude. Thanks a lot bro. Have a great day!!!
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
Welcome :)
Sir every next video i m watching day by day.. making me ur big big fan.... nd m so lucky dt i coincidentally found u on YouTube nd dts d rezn dt m here on Unacademy... otherwise i wud hv been unaware... ur best part--> with every question u repeat d same mechanism again nd again.. nd dt definitely clears our cncept... ???????????? u r really doing a great job... Sir..
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
Yeah :)
Thank you so much sachin sir u r doing a great job . you are inspiration the way u manage to upload videos not only on unacademy but also on youtube and that with your own is just wow ...sachin sir u r best ????
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
Thanks a lot :)
2 years ago
my pleasure sir u r awesome :)
bro u really made organic easy for all of us tysm..u really play a major role in our success in IITJee exam..may God bless u and keep doing this beautiful work and help a lot of us
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
Thank you :)
Sachin bhaiya, are these notes enough for organic in JEE? I making short notes and practicing whatever you say. I'm good enough at inorganic and ok in physical. Only thing thats somewhat a tough nut for me is organic (that too class 12th). So please answer if possible. If it's enough I'm not gonna see my notes and just follow yours!!!
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
Yes, they'll be enough. But study NCERT also along with it.
Rahul surya
2 years ago
Sure bro for Inorganic NCERT on tips thanks to your YouTube channel and my notes. Thanks a ton for replying!!!!!!
  1. PLAN FOR THE CHAPTER ALKENES: This is the most important chapter in Organic chemistry as almost every reagent is covered in this chapter. The course will be of 15 videos. .Each video ranges from around 10 mins to 15 mins All reagents, reactions and mechanisms will be discussed Kindly click on the Enroll button so that you receive the notifications and there's no confusion regarding the videos. You can Review the course too. A good review gives a lot of mental support to me for my hardwork.

  2. The plan for the course ALKENES will be executed in the following manner: 1. Reduction of alkynes to alkenes. 2. Dehydration of Alcohols by Conc. H2SO 3. Dehydration of Alcohols by AlO3, ThO2 4. Dehydrohalogenation of Alkyl Halides. 5. Dehalogenation of viscinal halides 6. Wittig's reaction. 7. Pyrolysis of Quaternary Ammonium hydroxides. 8. Cope's reaction, Pyrolysis of Esters. 9. Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes. 10.Halogenation of Alkenes. 11. Interhalogenation of Alkenes. 12. Reaction with HOX (X=Halogen). 13. Hydration of Alkenes by dil.H2SO4 14. Hydroboration and Oxidation 15.Ozonolysis and Hydroxylation of alkenes.