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The lesson is an overview of class VII polity of NCERT. It deals with all the basic concepts. It throws light on reasons of inequality and the provisions under the Constitution to ensure equality. It is elaborated with examples of Mid day meal scheme and equality practise in USA.

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Charu Modi
Having completed Masters in Law with gold medal from Lucknow University, qualified NET in July 2018 and has taught at Ambition Law Institute

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Ma'am kindly make a detailed walk-through of M Laxmikant as the book, which is supposed to be one of the most scoring and easy subject... sounding very alien to me. thanks
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in NCERT movement that began in USA in 1950s in which African–American people demanded equal rights and an end to racial discrimination.

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  3. Equality- concept and dimensions Role of state governments in various fields .Role of media and advertisement

  4. EQUALITY IN INDIAN DEMOCRACY Equality are central to a democracy Universal Adult Franchise SOME REASONS FOR INEQUALITY- lead to violation of dignity "Caste system .Gender . Religion Class Poverty Lack of resources Social and cultural background

  5. EQUALITY UNDER CONSTITUTION Every person is equal 1) every person is equal before the law 2) No one can be discriminated against on the basis of their ' n, race, caste, place of birth org 3) Every person has access to all public places 4) Untouchability has been abolished Addressed by government i Addressed by government in two ways:- Law Government scheme

  6. MID DAY MEAL SCHEME In all governme Benefits- increased enrollment Increased attendance Reduce caste prejudices at elementary schools to provide children with cooked food .

  7. EQUALITY IN USA CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT 1964 By African Americans Prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, religion or national origin