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Welfare Activities of the State
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The lesson deals with the welfare activities of state. It deals with health care facilities in detail. It also deals with the reasoning behind tax payment in India.

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Sir, the solution you suggested about regulating a UAV is not practically feasible. The limit of 200m you mentioned is for one particular radar type which posses prominence at costal area airports due to security concerns. At airports we have enough technologies to track any desired vehicle. I had myself been an employee under AAI, so I would suggest that to maintain a coherence in flight data monitoring only MoCivilAviation should be involved as a Regulator. MHA can be involved at entry level, viz., licencing and background info check about the UAV user, because this directly related to the matter of Internal Security (exclusive MHA matter).
apne class 7 k 3 chapter hi padhaye h rest chapters are not important...even equality chapter also ....why
Mam, if we have legislative assembly in each state, that means each state has the MLA and the MLA getting highest seats in India becomes the ruling party. Is the entire statement right? And the concept of constituency is confusing.. Please assist
Mohit Kumar
8 months ago
I think you're getting confused between MLA and MP. Every state has legislative assembly and those elected here are knows as MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly). The party which has most no of MLA become the ruling party of that state. For ruling in the centre, there is a separate election and those elected are known as MP(Member of Parliament). The party which has maximum number of MP in Lok Sabha become the ruling party at Centre. Hope this helps.
tankss for awesome summary it was really very helpful as after studying from ncert book also i was not able to find any points about paying taxes to the govt.

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  3. WELFARE ACTIVITIES Health . Clean environment . Food

  4. HEALTH CARE FACILITIES TWO CATEGORIES PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES Chain of health services and hospitals run by the government Cover rural and urban areas Common illness and special services * Common illness and special services At village level nurse and village health worker (can deal with common illness and supervised by doctor at PHC) . At district level - district hospital

  5. Health service is public, due to-health care to all citizens, Resources needed comes from taxes Either free or at low cost ' Right to life of every person

  6. WHY PAY TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT? Government uses tax money for providing many public services for the benefit of all citizens. Some services such as defence, police, judicial system, highways etc. benefit all citizens. citmens Sonep servie mach sa deenere policer .Taxes fund developmental programmes and services such as education, health care, employment, social welfare, vocational training etc. required for needy citizens. Tax money is utilized for relief and rehabilitation in case of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunami etc. Space, nuclear, and missile programmes are also from the revenues collected as taxes. funded

  7. PUBLIC HEALTH FACILITIES Registered medical practitioners Not owned or controlled by government . Not owned or controlled by government