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Course Overview
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In this lesson, Amit has discussed the course overview and the target audience.

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

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  2. ABOUT ME Educator at Unacademy since June 2017 . . Computer science graduate from JIIT,Noida Work experience of 2+ years in MNC Published app developer, writer by passion Interest: Music,reading non fiction and watching good tv series Follow me for my other courses: . Published app developer, writer by passion Interest: Music,reading non fiction and watching good tv series

  3. COURSE OVERVIEW To Cover daily all UPSC,PSC relevant news quite comprehensively from The Hindu newspaper. To help your preparation for prelims and mains examinations and other Govt. exams.

  4. TARGET AUDIENCE UPSC, PSC aspirants only. UPSC , PSC aspirants only SSC, RBI and other Govt exams aspirants can also take benefit from this course. And, everyone else who love to watch news,

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  7. : unacademy unacade Legn/Reglster Amit Baghel Fallow Computer scance graduate, corouter programmer ne, rowb o n Activity 4 Cousss.3kllovers 11 Follon mpact Ph 17,318 31'st July 2017: Daly Summary and Analys s of the Hindu 31st Jy 2017:Dal y Summary and Analysis cf the Hindu Amit Baghel addec a ne lesson 2h 3'st Juy 2017: Caly Summary and Analys s of the Hindu in Hindi)

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  10. cl Snare rmrtiurse tdemy.comcarsemndl-I.-e-2017-, oc es s to.cestor Amit unacademy cQsch Cour Hindi) June 2017 Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu 4.6 sat.-13 his coae lessons cn da ly analysis of The Hinu neoper malnly focused fo us prepa aton foi UPSCnd PSC .co et Stx; tkned 'or more; Course Overien Hnd har ih frid 2nd Jine 2017 Gally Sumney ard Analysisof The in Hind) 3, dine 2017: Daly suminary and analysis of The Hindu t iikhe!) n..s Amit Baghel Compater scienee gaccte.corpitn e in puitar fit-J.ine 2017: nai. Samrery and Arthht of The Pindu : i. Hrd ) v Contrlsute to Aint