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Course Overview
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In this course, Deepanshu will discuss the course overview and the target audience for this course.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

Unacademy user
please tell kannada language
Deepak Sharma
a year ago
sorry, but I don't know kannada
I koi huh o ou jb hy l6k huigJ gy 9 huh 9
sir ..I m from rural areas so I never read hindu beuz there is a no delivery of Hindu newspaper hw can I prepare dis newspaper plz help me .sir it's a my humble request to u sir plz help me ????????
Ravi Choudhary
3 years ago
dear sir/mam u can download the hindu online free pdf daily....
Varsha Singh
3 years ago
Just listen to these videos They are covering it all
Manpreet Kaur
3 years ago
Thank you Ravi choudhary
Manpreet Kaur
3 years ago
Thank you Ravi choudhary
Manpreet Kaur
3 years ago
Thank you Ravi choudhary
Manpreet Kaur
3 years ago
and Varsha singh ....but there is a one more problem the article in Friday review and many more I never found online even after too much search ????????
Samir Buggewar
3 years ago
App download krle
Amit Pandey
3 years ago se kr will work...
sir your summarisation is awesome. I just started reading the Hindu and you proved very helpful please continue June session. I've one doubt sir. I'm 19 years old UPSC aspirant. and I totally feel numb when I looked previous years question papers. do I need to worry? or it is normal before preparation. Also I'm not attending any coaching class. I want to prepare at home. please give some guidance.
sir isn't there an option to save ur videos offline n watch dem whenever someone is free..??
Thank you Sir for all the lessons.I just want to know is it necessary to make notes from the Business section from The Hindu.If yes,how? I find it so irritating.Profit and loss,so many '%'ges',gross etc.,etc.Actually,I'ven't watched all your videos too.I may have missed if you did tell.Still it'd be really helpful if you let us know.
  1. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

  2. Hi! Like Deepanshu Singh Educator at Unacademy since October-2016 . UPSC CSE and IFoS mains e Work experience of 3+ years in MNCs . B. Tech Computer Science with Hons. RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND Public Speaker, Debating Champion NTSE Scholar and Gold medalist Passion- Music and Photography Fallow me


  4. OBJECTIVE To saveyourtimefrom going overthe Hindu> 2 hrs.a V To keep upto date with current affairs relevant for UPSC,PSCexams V k. day T o separate important information from the jun Prepareyou for upcoming prelims and mains examinations and other Govt. exams.

  5. WHAT TO EXPECT? The Video lessons will be uploaded before 6 PM daily .Thefocus will be on covering important news as much as possible with emphasis on as much s posible withemphasis on the analysis and quality of the lectures Separate article links will be provided whichmight be usefulfor a particularoptional eparate article linkswillbe providedwhichmight be useulfor a pa subject or in General studies otherwise. Questions will be provided foryouto practice answerwriting andpostyour answers in the comment box so it can be reviewed by us daily and Feedbackwill be provided on the answers posted in the comment box. oryouto practice answerwriting and postyour answers in e answers posteca in the comment box.

  6. Target audience UPSC,PSC aspirants mainly. SSC, RBl andother Govtexams aspirants can also benefit from this course General audience whichwants to be up to date withthe latest happenings UPSC, PSC aspirants main

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