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Course Overview : Periodicity for IIT-JEE
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This is the overview of this course.

Megha Khandelwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Megha Khandelwal
Chemistry Educator, CSIR-UGC NET- AIR 25, YouTube Channel- Chemistry Enthusiasts, Passion for Teaching & Mentoring

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sir i have a drop this year and i am preparing for neet without coaching... I am getting all cocepts from you.. so thank u
hey! mam ur notes r very helpful
Can't I get the whole video of teaching
you are my best teacher
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  1. PERIODICITY COURSE-2 COURSE OVERVIEW Presented by Megha Khandelwal

  2. About me Chemistry Hons., DU M.Sc in Organic Chemistry -Cleared CSIR-UGC NET (AIR 25) Verified Educator @ Unacademy - Interests: Work-outs, Cycling, Travelling & Dance. Enroll for updates Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Objective To understand the periodic trend and the physical properties - Tips & Tricks to memorize the trends and will sum up all the irregularities - Detailed explanation for irregular trends, covering all the exceptions asked in previous examinations Understand more with Examples & practice questions Say BYE to your confusions

  4. Course Structure COURSE -1 - Classification of Elements and some important facts. Trick for Electronic Configuration Shielding Effect and Effective Nuclear Charge - Scandide Contraction & Lanthanide Contraction .Atomic radius and lonic radius " lonisation Energy /lonisation Potential Enthalpy of lonisation

  5. Lessons in this course COURSE-2 Electron Gain Enthalpy / Electron Affinity " Electronegativity - Valency and Oxidation State Diagonal Relationship - Acidic and Basic Strength

  6. Target Audience - JEE Mains/Advanced NEET IIT-JAM - CSIR-UGC NET in Chemical Science - GATE- CY IISc Ph.D UPSC- GEOL UPSC- Chemistry (Optional)

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  8. LIST OF COURSES Coordination : Structure and Isomerism Hydrogen and its Compounds Group-13 Elements : Boron Family - -Crystal Field Theory - Stereo Chemistry: Projections/RepresentationsGroup-14 Elements: Carbon Family - Stereo Chemistry: Interconversion of Projections Stereo Chemistry: D/L Notation and R/S nomenclature Stereochemistry Nomenclature in Stereoisomers Group-15 Elements: Nitrogen family Group-16 Elements: Oxygen family Group-17 Elements: Halogens Group-18 Elements Noble Gases The D & F Block Elements Important Questions on p-Block Elements - - - Chemical Bonding- 2 courses - Important Questions on Chemical Bonding and JEE : Previous year Questions on complete - General Inorganic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

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