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Course Overview (in Marathi)
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Introduction of the course.

Kiran Shinde
MPSC साठी उपयुक्त माहिती मराठीमधून मिळविण्यासाठी मला "Follow" करू शकता ||

Unacademy user
Sir now lecture is audio . thank you
marathi grammar and English grammar both are same or different
presage pan gay sir...... please sir
Nice sir.... video.. thanks sir
sir..nice video. 'upvote' yacha meaning video aawadla asa hoto ka? reply
Kiran Shinde
2 years ago
Ho, actually upvote kele ki to video tumhi recommend kela ahe asa tyacha arth hoto. mhanje itarana kalate ki to video changla ahe.
Vishal Thakur
2 years ago
ok.thanx sir.

  1. Audio-Visual Impact

  2. English Grammar Some easy Points & Rules to be Remembered

  3. MCQ's Revision

  4. 1. Words followed by Prepositions 2. Subject Verb Agreement 3. Moods Clauses 4. Degree, Direct-lndirect Speech & Change the Voice 5. Type of Sentences, Q. Tag

  5. Mv Courses 1. General Science 2. Question paper analysis for English Grammar 3. English Grammar - Imp Points & Rules only 4. Upcoming Course - Economics

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