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Course Overview (in Marathi)
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Structure, Objective, Target audience it the course

Vaibhav Shivade
YouTube Channel "VJS eStudy" | Master in Politics | Teaching Experience | SET Qualified | CSE Aspirant |

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Disclaimer: Since its an open platform, therefore, I am commenting this; I am not here to endorse or criticize any individual or any channel.For the economics related articles, anyone can freely watch mrunal's videos to have in general understanding of concepts (for those who say the content is scattered you can easily arrange them by applying little mind)link:;for reading material I found Sriram's economics slightly better than famous "yellow book".If someone gets stuck in economic related terms you can refer investopedia and arthhapedia. Link: , now for those who are worrying about economic survey --> vision IAS would be uploading their summary by March and it's absolutely free and reliable ( you can watch 16-17th survey to verify its content link: >>>>if I have hurt someone feelings or broke any rules then I am sorry for this <<<<<<
Ankit Kumar
2 years ago
Thnx. Sourabh Choudhary
Shubham Gupta
2 years ago
sai baat h bhaijaan
Hungry Lion
2 years ago
i support
2019 मधले लोकराज्य टाका please
thanks sir nice lecture
great initiative!!