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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
Sir plzz share me syllabus of JAM exam, I want to do my study with physics by IIT.
thank you. I started watching ur courses from this lesson. and please do not stop making editorial analysis courses till DEC 2019. pls
Subhodeep Das
10 months ago
Sure....all lessons are uploaded....Please watch
you are so helpful in my preparation in other words I can say that without ur editorial analysis my preparation is nothing?
Subhodeep Das
a year ago
Thank you Krishan :)
Sir you a are awesome educator. In 2018 PT UPSC EXAM maximum questions came from yor daily news analysis..
How can we solve the mcqs on browser/ desktop / laptop?
Subhodeep Das
a year ago
It can be solved only on Unacademy learning app.
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  2. Subhodeep Das B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering VIT University Vellore unca Subhodeep Das VERIPED VIT University graduate with Mechanical, Wrtten Mains with Geography Follow Optional,Youtuber with 10K Subscriber Unacademy link: UBHODEEP


  4. Why Editorial einn2 Connecting the Dots...with past events & Ongoing events Analysis for Mains GS Papers +Prelims. 2 Fodder Essay, Interview S. UBHODEEP

  5. Why me? Teaching Experience past 2 years + Aspirant. Attractive Slides Coverage - Very Important Indian Express Editorials Extra Notes + Mains Answer Writing UBHODEEP

  6. Dedications X Dedications Dedications 13 12 13 Purple Hat Dedicated at 5k minutes Purple Hat Dedicated at 5k minutes Blue Hat Dedicated at 1000 minutes Anamika Pandey Dedicated on 8 Nov 2018 Hrutuja Rajebhosale Dedicated on 27 Oct 2018 Pranab kumar Dedicated on 16 0ct 2018 Thank you Sir for your efforts and special thanks for geography optional courses and editorial analysis. Thank you so much Sir Thanks sir for your detail explaination on The Hindu Editorial According to me Editorial was most difficult part but know I can understand it very well. The Hindu editorials are just awesome. They helped me to form ideas and thoughts about situation. Also the human geography classes are very helpful in covering confusing topics. Urdoing grt job. Utkarsh Agarwal Dedicated on 31 Oct 2018 Abhishek Mishra Dedicated on 30 Sept 2018 Thank you very much sir for all your courses and specially the Hindu analysis..ats off to you sir even you are busy at some workyou try to give your best. .thanks again sir.. Komal singh Dedicated on 29 Aug 2018 Thank u very much....sir for ur daily editorial analysis. Extremely helpful in consuming it in less time and crisp way very effective and high yielding..... Sir I m regularly following ur editorial n daily mcq series.. from June onwards n it's Awesome.the way u explain the things especially geography related map:s based quest are too good. Thank u so much Nashra Jamal Dedicated on 16 Sept 2018 Pranab kumar UBHODEEP

  7. Dedications Dedications 13 12 12 Blue Hat Green Hat Dedicated at 1000 minutes Dedicated at 500 minutes Akanksha Rathore Preity Sonar Dedicated on 16 Oct 2018 Dedicated on 13 Nov 2018 Sir Im very grateful for your editorial videos.. get to know depth knowledge of the said topic.. Thnk u for amazing analysis shortly Arpit Nema Dedicated on 2 Nov 2018 Priyanshi Bherve Dedicated on 7 Oct 2018 Thank you sir Sir thank for this classes I am so glad and thank a lot Kritika RAJ Dedicated on 31 Oct 2018 Tanmay hole Dedicated on 3 Oct 2018 Thanks deep sir For all courses specially editorial. Thank you very much, your daily editorial are very helpful UBHODEEP

  8. Komal singh reviewed on October 22, 2018 Snehal Vasava reviewed on October 31,2018 Kiran aswal reviewed on October 28, 2018 very helpful course Most easy way to understand editorial. thank so much subhodeep sir. it very helpful for mains examination.. apka teaching ka tarif bhoot acha hai sir easily get ho jata hai and thanku sir to teach US Shaid Mallick reviewed on October 27,2018 Kalpana Kanwar reviewed on October 28, 2018 Abhimanyu kumar reviewed on October 19,2018 Kub Kub valo Subhodeep Da. Ai rokom vavai bojala bujbo sobai amer akta pros no acha ja very very nice and valuable course for are doing great job.. . hope it will go on and on. All the best awesome analysis good aducater.. and pretty knowledge all parts holistically discussion with map ami Kamon vaba The Hindu article gulo NOTES banabo? Jodi apni akta example dan tahola kub valo hoi HODEEP


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