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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we will understand about the entire syllabus of probability and our strategy to complete this topic.

Sanjay Yadav
|| Faculty of GATE || Qualified GATE 2014/2015/2016 || Alumni of IIEST SHIBPUR || || Passion for Teaching ||

Unacademy user
please complete this 10000 MCQ course in April itself so that we can revise it. thank you so much.
a year ago
i am doing it in all forms savi plz enroll into all mcq courses . i am launching all subject's mcq with exolaination crash courses. so plz visit the page daily and enroll into all of them. all courses are fr pre 2018 all will be continued
Savi Maruti
a year ago
Thanku sir. will it be necessary to revise anything for prelims if done your MCQ course?
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  9. GATE Probability and Statistics

  10. Probability OSyllabus Probability Sample Space Event * Definition of Probability Properties of Probability * Baye's Theorem

  11. Probability OSyllabus Statistics Mean Median * Mode * Mean Deviation * Variance and Standard Deviation

  12. Probability Syllabus : Random Variable Random Variable * Expected Value .* Moments of Random Variable and Variance Binomial Distribution Poisson Distribution Normal Distribution

  13. Probability OSyllabus Correlation and Regression Analysis * Correlation * Measure of Correlation Rank Correlation * Regression * GATE PYQs