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Course overview (in Hindi)
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Shrenik Jain is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shrenik Jain
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Unacademy user
this course is revolutionary for ans writing..... so plz plz..plz continue it... vani maam this good for BCA student
sir nm ke total kitne lessons hai
sir Course ka Naam change karona ...ultimate guide have written general aptitude in bracket
Shrenik Jain
8 months ago
Good idea 😄
sir Bayes theorem pr video nhi mil rhi... plz suggest
Shrenik Jain
9 months ago
YouTube peh upload Kiya h Maine..
Rohit Sen
9 months ago
okkk sir I will cover it from YouTube
Rohit Sen
9 months ago
& thanks u so much for full course
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  7. Course Name - *Simplifying Concepts of Probability for GATE 2019* Link /simplifying-concepts-of-probability-for-gate -2019/SC4TCALP Enrolment start time 12 Noon on 29th September 2018 Enrolment close time 1:30 PM on 29th September 2018 No. of Seats 1000 *Registrations* open at 12 Noon, 29th September for a few minutes. Live Class-*1st October 2018, 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM* Plus Simplifying Concepts of Probability for GATE 2019 Shrenik Jain Applications closed on Sept 29 7unacademy